Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

You know what time it is. It's time to link up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for 
a ton of Friday fun! It's time for...

It's been an "out of sorts" week around here with awful annoying road construction,
and a sick baby girl. And yesterday I spent most of the morning trying to get an
actual human being on the phone to talk to about my iphone 6 due to its hit or miss
service. We thought we had the problem under control until an apple advisor called 
back at 5:00 yesterday afternoon to check in. My phone dropped the follow up 
call and then the one after it when I tried to call back. I was put on hold (of course)
and within a few seconds I see the message on my phone screen, "call failure."

So, I get to start the process ALL OVER again today. Aghhhhhh.

But, before I lose myself in another apple abyss, let's talk about something happy.
Something as happy as some Friday Favorites!

- one -

This came in the mail yesterday!

Bath & Body's new fall fragrances are here and I've got coupons!

That makes me a happy girl, for sure.

- two -

Chobani's fall flavored yogurts are in stores!

Of course I absolutely love the Pumkin Spice, and I'm excited to try
the new Cinnamon Pear. Last year they made Cinnamon Apple, which 
was awesome, so I know Cinnamon Pear will not disappoint.

- three -

Cinnamon graham crackers are my family's new favorite.

For some reason I have always bought the Honey flavor, but from now
on I'll be choosing Cinnamon. So good!

- four -

Due to the road construction this week, I've spent more time at home. It's hard to 
run errands with dump trucks, tractors, paving trucks, etc. taking up the whole road.

Why fight that nonsense when I can stay home and take cute doggie pics?

These boys are always on my list of favorite things.

- five -

Cute free printables are another favorite of mine. Such a quick and easy way to
decorate that empty spot that needs "a little something."


This cute fall printable is available in both an 8 x 10 size and a 10 x 13 size.

There are ten more fall printables available here.


Choose your printable, click print, and find the perfect frame. Home decor done!

Have a great weekend everyone! We are gearing up to watch some SEC football
this weekend!

Who are you rooting for?

What are your favorite things from the week?

Do you use printables in your decorating?



  1. I love this post and everything fall related! I'm pretty much pumpkin obsessed! If you get a chance, check out my blog. I post a lot of healthy recipes and most of them have been fall related lately! I'm jealous of your coupon for bath and body! What's your favorite fall dish?

    1. Thanks for visiting today! I look forward to checking out your blog for those fall recipes. :)


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