Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CEU's On My Mind

This post is mainly a "housekeeping" type of post for me. It is quickly
approaching time for me to begin completing CEU's (continuing education
units) to keep my Personal Training Certificate up to date. I have to complete
20 CEU's every two years, and unfortunately the gym where I work does not
contribute any monetary help in this endeavor. 

This post is to help me remember what courses I took in 2014, and to brainstorm
what courses I will begin taking this year to complete by my May 2016 deadline.

Just a warning...

The reality of personal training is about to be exposed.

- Continuing Education courses completed in 2014 -

*  Staying Injury Free   -  7 CEU's   -  $76.25

*  Q & A For Fitness Trainers   -   4 CEU's   -   $35.00

Preventing Back Injuries  -  5 CEU's   -   $56.25

* Fitness For The Older Adult   -  5 CEU's    -   $56.25

Total CEU's  =  21

Total cost for CEU's  =  $223.75

Renewal Fee to ISSA -  $75.00 

Total COST for me   =    $298.75

- Courses I am looking at completing by May 2016 -

Flexibility For Performance  -   5 CEU's    -  $95.00

Effective Strength Training   -   15 CEU's   -   $159.00

20 CEU's  =  $254  ( + $75 to ISSA ) =  $329


Strength Training For Fat Loss   -   13 CEU's   -   $149.00

Boot Camp Complete    -   4 CEU's   -   $99.00

Dynamic Warm Up   -    4 CEU's   -  $89.00 

21 CEU's  =  $337  ( + $75 to ISSA )  =   $412

As of right now, I'm not sure what courses I plan to take. The cost definitely
puts a damper on my motivation to jump into taking courses, especially since
my gym offers no compensation or reward for continuing my education. I have a 
few weeks to browse online CEU catalogs for other courses, but these seem to be
the best that I have seen so far.

If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for reading. I don't intend to whine
or complain about my profession, I'm just sharing the situation that I find myself in.

It does make me curious if other gyms help compensate trainers for continuing
their education, or if it is normal to have to cover all the expense on your own.

I also wonder if it is normal to not see a slight pay increase after receiving more

Just wondering out loud....

Tomorrow (in honor of the FIRST DAY OF FALL)  I'll show you what I've been up to. 
I'll be sharing this year's Fall 2015 mantel and comparing it to last years mantel.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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