Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekends and Freak Outs

Oh my goodness, school starts back for Miss S this week. She only has two days left
for summer vacation. My head is spinning over all that I feel like needs to be 
accomplished before she heads back to school on Wednesday. I feel like we need to
 have the house clean, organized and running like a well-oiled machine before Wednesday 
in order for her to start off the school year on the right foot. Yes, I realize I am freaking 
out and being dramatic, but that's kind of my thing! I will probably never in my life be 
described as "calm" and transitional times have always been a challenge for me. But, I 
also know that I can only do my best, so that is going to be what I do. 

Before I jump head first into my unrealistic "to do" list, let's quickly recap the weekend.

- Friday -

Target was our first stop to kick off the weekend.

Luke Bryan's new CD was available on Friday and we were there to get it!
The CD from Target has 3 bonus tracks that are not yet available on itunes,
so we just had to have the CD. :)

I also stocked up on my latest coffee crush.

Next up was a quick stop at TJ Maxx for some snacks. TJ Maxx carries this 
Lesser Evil popcorn and it is so good!

Miss S also scored these cute little Dressing-2-Go bottles. She takes her lunch to
school every day and wanted these bottles for salad dressing.

- Saturday -

We went back to Target for my annual eye appointment.  

For the first time in YEARS, my vision did not change. I was shocked. So, no new 
glasses for me this year. 

A quick stop in Starbucks for an Iced Cinnamon Dolce latte was needed
to help me recover from the disappointment of not getting new glasses, haha.

After Target we headed to World Market. It was at this point that I became a
bad blogger and forgot to take any more pictures. World Market tends to do that
to you! Everything in the store is so beautiful that you just kind of go from item to
item in awe.

We did find Miss S a new shower curtain and a few more items to makeover her 
bathroom, so I will share pics when we get the makeover completed.

Sunday was church day, then lunch at Mother-in-law's with my sister-in-law and 
two nephews. Apparently we were all exhausted when we got home because we all
took a Sunday afternoon nap. Miss S never naps and she even crashed for a couple
of hours!

Well, it's time for me to get back into my "freak out" mode. Hopefully I
can get a lot accomplished today so I can feel more accomplished and less
stressed. I've also got to make time for a workout. Working out is going at the
TOP of my "to do" list!

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Have a marvelous Monday!!

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