Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Two Requirements for Back To School

This is back to school week for us. Some schools in our area started last week,
others started on Monday, and Miss S starts tomorrow. It seems appropriate to
have an entire post dedicated to the phenomenon we call, "Back To School."

I remember well from my 15 years of teaching elementary school that this time
of year is full of stress and exhaustion. I know two things that this time of the 
year is in definite need of. Prayer and quick workouts.

Today we will talk about both.

First, it is crucial to cover your child, the teachers and the schools in prayer.

Ideas from Pinterest...simply click link to visit original site.

{ Praying for Students }

{ Praying for Teachers }

And even though my baby is 16 years old, I already know that watching her drive
away on her own tomorrow, as she heads off to school, is going to be tough for me.
She will humor me and let me take a picture or two, but she will not understand
the combination of feelings of emptiness, sadness, love, pride, fear, and expectation 
that I'm feeling until she has a child of her own some day.

This "Mommy Prayer" is one that I will be needing...


After she drives away to school tomorrow, I will gather myself together and start 
my day. 

Most likely my workout on Wednesday will be "Workout #1" shown here.

"Workout #2" can then be completed on either Friday or Saturday.

Even during busy, super stressful, or crazy emotional weeks, everyone can find time to
strength train twice! Add a couple of walks or your favorite cardio of choice, and call it
a week. No harm, no foul. It's okay to get overwhelmed by life sometimes and not have 
time to follow your 5 or 6 day a week exercise plan. Don't let perfectionism derail your
fitness goals. Choose a quick workout like these, and keep going.

Happy "Back to School" to you and yours. Even if you don't have children,
grandchildren, or teachers in your life, why not pause for a moment and pray.
After all, children are our future.

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