Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday

In honor of school starting back this week, today's Throwback Thursday is a 
throwback to May of this year.

While Miss S was in 10th grade, she had an end of the year Chemistry project 
that was due on May 14. Her teacher put the students into groups and gave them 
an assigned topic. Miss S's group was assigned "Stoichiometry."

To be completely honest, I have absolutely no idea what it is! Somehow in all 
my years of life, I have never needed to know about this term, haha.

According to google, Stoichiometry is "the section of chemistry that involves
using relationships between reactants and/or products in a chemical reaction
to determine desired quantitative data."

Their assignment was to:

1.)  write a song about Stoichiometry, what it is, how it works, etc.

2.)  record your group singing the song

3.)  make a group music video with the song you wrote/sang

Today I want to share with you the finished product. Here is the music video
that they created and turned in about Stoichiometry.

For a few short days, her Chemistry video went viral around the school and
her group was kind of a big deal!

I can't pretend to understand much more about "Stoichiometry" but I think
their video is awesome, and it makes me smile when I watch it!

Do you remember anything about your high school Chemistry class?

Ever needed to know about Stoichiometry in your every day life?

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