Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three Things Thursday

In addition to cooler weather, the changing colors of leaves, the decor, new fall
fragrances (and candles) at Bath and Body Works and pumpkin spice everything, 
another thing I love about fall is the arrival of fall inspired nail polishes.

 Essie is one of my favorite brands of polish, so today I want to share their new
colors that will be arriving in stores just in time for fall.

{ source and more info here }

I enjoy all of these colors (and can totally see Miss S needing to own ALL of them,)
but I think my three favorites are...

Leggy Legend

Bell Bottom Blues

Frock n' Roll

I love the shimmer in the deep, rich colors.

I think the animals are struggling more with Miss S being back in school than I am. 
They follow me around all day wanting love, pats, and attention. I love these babies 
but they are smothering me! Exercising at home takes on a whole new twist when you 
have to dodge animals going from one exercise to the next.

I hope they adapt to her new schedule soon because they are pitiful. I don't know
how any of us will survive when she moves away to college. Do they make Prozac
for pets? Oh my, I can hear that conversation with the vet now, ha. She will think
we've all gone crazy!

I wanted to share my summer mantel before I change it out in the fall.  

You never know when I might just decide to pull out the fall decor! I will try to wait at 
least another month, but if the mood strikes, what's a girl to do? Fall spirit is a hard thing
to stop once it starts!

What's your favorite thing about fall?

Which nail color is your favorite?

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