Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pure Pumpkin Genius

Yesterday I couldn't resist another second. I used up all of my "Home" scented 
Bath & Body Works candle, so I gave in and brought out what was left of last 
years "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" candle. It smelled glorious!

My thoughts are that as soon as I use up what's left of last years fall candles then I
can justify restocking for this year! See how smart I am?

When Bath & Body officially releases the 2015 fall scents on September 9, I will
be there and will NEED to buy things. I will have to buy enough to last me through
until next year. Pure genius!

In addition to burning fall candles, I'm looking forward to making these muffins.
I made them last year and will definitely make them again.

This is one of the easiest recipes I've ever made. Not only is it easy, it's delicious too.

I want to share it with you today so you can enjoy pumpkin spice muffins too!

Here are the only ingredients that you will need.

only 4 ingredients!


                                                                       1 box of Spice Cake mix

1 can of pumpkin

1/2 cup golden raisins

3/4 cup water

That's it! Only four simple ingredients. If you're not a fan of golden raisins, you
could easily substitute regular raisins, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, walnuts,
pecans, or anything else you  might enjoy. You can also leave them plain if you'd prefer.

Simply mix all ingredients together and bake in a 350 degree oven until cooked through.

The recipe makes 18 muffins.

I could have easily frosted these with cream cheese frosting and created 
pumpkin spice cupcakes instead.

There you have it. A super easy, incredibly versatile recipe that can be enjoyed for
breakfast, for a snack, or even as a dessert. You choose!

Are you ready for fall?

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