Monday, August 24, 2015

Marvelous Monday { Weekend Recap }

Happy Monday everyone! Today is an extra special day at our house.

It's Hubby's 50th birthday!

Hubby and Miss S

I have no idea how he is already 50 years old. When I look at him, I still 
see the handsome, kind, funny, loving, and intelligent man that I fell in love 
with 26 years ago. I still remember celebrating his 25th birthday!

Time sure flies by. 

This weekend involved cake!

We went to a football kickoff party on Lake Martin this weekend and I
baked Mix and Match Mama's Nutella Bundt Cake for the occasion.

This weekend also involved chairs!

Hubby built these two gorgeous Adirondack chairs for our deck.

I absolutely love how they turned out! We will either stain them or paint them,
but I can't quite decide yet. I think I'm leaning toward staining them to give
them the "farmhouse" feel that I'm obsessed with currently. Once the weather 
cools off a bit, they will be perfect next to a fire in the fire pit!

The weekend also involved birthday signs!

Just look at how cute the dachshund is and ignore my lack of artistic 
ability. The signs were made with love and that's what counts!

Hubby took the day off today for his birthday, so I'm going to wrap up
this blog post, get in a workout, and spend time with my love.

I'm linking up for #MIMM with Katie.

Have a great day!


  1. What beautiful Adirondack chairs! That's the perfect thing for any porch/deck!

    1. Thank you! I love them and they are even more special because Hubby built them for me! :)


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