Monday, August 31, 2015

Marvelous Monday Birthday Recap

Oh my goodness Monday is off to a crazy start already!

I've had at least 50 interruptions while trying to get this post written. 

Texts about a missing math book, texts about needing a doctor's appointment 
for a suspected sinus infection, dogs wanting out, dogs wanting in, laundry going 
in and out of the wash, and in and out of the dryer, internet going on and off, 
and on and on.

I better hurry and get this post written before anything else pops up.
Let's get started!

- Friday -

Friday night, Hubby and I had a night in. I had been craving a cheeseburger
since Wednesday, so he fired up the grill to make my cheeseburger dream 
into reality.

 Of course Hubby had a little help making sure those burgers looked just right.

They turned out enormous. I could only eat half of my burger. so I finished the
other half for lunch on Saturday. 

Nothing like a cheeseburger hot off the grill!

While Hubby and I enjoyed our burgers, this is what Miss S was up to.

This picture of the student section was taken just before the football game on Friday 
night. The theme for the game was "White Out" so that's why everyone is in white.

They had a blast, and her school won in the last few seconds of the game!

- Saturday -

Saturday was an absolutely perfect peaceful day!

Hubby started his day playing golf,  I started mine with a nice long
walk, and Miss S started hers by sleeping in until noon.

After my walk, I relaxed in a bubble bath and finished a book that I started
almost a month ago. Clearly I need to work on finishing books a little faster, ha.

Saturday night, while Miss S hung out with friends, Hubby cooked steaks on 
the grill. So good!

After dnner, we somehow got sucked into a NCIS marathon on T.V
and watched three or four episodes back to back. Thank goodness Miss S 
came home and broke the spell or we might still be sitting there today!

- Sunday -

After church, we officially celebrated Hubby's birthday with
family and friends.

He would never admit it, but I believe he enjoyed the extra love and
attention that he received during his birthday lunch/party.

While he was being spoiled and loved on by family, I was enjoying
every delicious bite of this Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad.

Don't even try to tell me the calories, because it was worth every bite!

After the party, we stood in the rain saying goodbye to everyone and posing
for a few pictures.

My hair never looks super great, but I do blame the rain for this flat/frizzy style 
that I'm sporting. At least it's not in my usual ponytail!

I would say we had a blessed and happy weekend.

- Monday -

Today, Hubby and I are determined to get our food choices back under
control. There has been too much sweet tea and birthday cake lately, so
I'm going to meal prep a healthy breakfast and snack recipe to have on
hand throughout the week.

I will be making Egg White Muffins

and Jamie Eason's Protein Lemon Bars.

recipe here

These two choices for breakfast or snack will at least help us get started
again with making healthier food choices.

It's time for my workout!

Have a marvelous Monday!

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  1. What a lovely family filled weekend. I know we can only see part of your back deck, but it looks gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous - so are you & your daughter. The two of you look very alike.

    Happy birthday to your husband!

    1. Awww, thank you SO much for such sweet words Jessie. You absolutely made my day!! People do tell us that often, and it thrills me but probably mortifies her, lol. ;)


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