Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

We have almost made it through the week. We have survived the first full week
of school (waking up early, already having homework, quizzes, and tests) and
three dark, dreary, rainy days. It's been a long week, but it's finally Friday!

You know what that means....Yes, time for some Friday Favorites.

I made a visit to one of my favorite places this week, Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby knows what's up! They are decked out and filled to the brim
with all things Fall and all things Christmas. And all for 40% off.
Be still my heart!

When I saw this picture, I may have actually squealed out loud. 

How cute and how perfect is this? Once I calmed down a bit, my rational
thinking returned and I decided that rather than buying it and having to store
it for the 10 months that it's not being used, why not just snap a pic and try to
duplicate it on the chalkboard easel that I already own. I love a DIY challenge
that only involves chalk. Nothing to buy, and when if I mess it up, I can simply
erase it and try again.

I decided my money would be better spent on this arrow. I LOVE all things arrow
right now and had just had a conversation with Hubby about building one for me.

When I found this one already made and in the perfect finish, I grabbed it
before anyone else even had a chance. I used my handy 40% off coupon
and scored an adorable find.

It's even chocolate lab approved.

This week I made something that I have never made before. I followed 
this recipe from Plain Chicken and made my first batch of sausage balls. I'm 
not sure how I have gotten through 22 years of marraige and 16 years of parenthood 
without making this southern staple.  My daughter loves them but it's hard to find 
turkey sausage balls. I finally got up the courage to make her some myself!

The recipe calls for pork sausage (16 grams of fat) but I substituted turkey
sausage (6 grams of fat.) I also used Greek yogurt cream cheese instead of 
regular cream cheese, and reduced fat cheese instead of regular. Did I just
create a "healthy sausage ball?" 

Mine may not be the prettiest sausage balls, but Miss S loved them and 
that is what matters to me!

This Protein Blend Steamfresh meal is also a favorite this week.

It steams in the microwave and is ready in a flash. If eaten alone it
contains 13 grams of protein, but I added chicken to ours. I may add
shrimp the next time I make it.

We added Bragg's liquid aminos instead of soy sauce and it was
really good.

It makes a quick and delicious lunch or dinner option. Miss S has been
in school for 8 days and has taken this for lunch twice.

This candy is the perfect way to wrap up my list of favorites for the
week. I love flavored coffee and this little candy is the quickest and
easiest way to get a little taste of coffee anytime and anywhere. Why take 
the time to make a cup of coffee midday when it's so easy to pop one of
these hard candies. It's a lazy coffee lovers dream.

That's my list of favorite things from the week. Stop by either Erika's,
Narci's, or Andrea's to find out what other favorites are being shared this week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love all the Fall stuff at Hobby Lobby right now! Now you have me craving sausage balls, those look delish!

    1. It's nice to meet you Kelsey. Fall is my favorite time of the year! Totally a sucker for fall decor! :)
      Thanks so much for visiting today!

  2. Those sausage balls look so good! My fall planning is in full swing too-- I just loaded up on fall decor from HomeGoods!

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for visiting today! HomeGoods is another awesome place to spend time! SO much temptation there!


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