Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

It's that time again. Time for a fun link up with ErikaAndrea,
and Narci. It's time for...

Buckle up for a super random list of favorites this week. I shared my
favorite Target finds in this post on Wednesday, but here are a few more goodies.

- one -

One thing that Miss S and I will be looking for today is this...

When Target opens this morning we will be there and we will be looking for this CD. 
We've seen him in concert for the past two summers, but didn't get to see him this 
year, so a new album will have to fill the void for now. From what I've heard from 
the new album so far, I know it will be another Luke Bryan success!

- two -

I took this video of my little doxie baby this week and I love watching it.
That little wagging tail and those sweet brown eyes bring so much joy into my 
life each day. He is truly my little sidekick.

- three -

Look at my sweet little helpers! I was laying out pictures that I wanted to hang
in our guest bedroom and had such good help. 

I love having my constant companions keep me company no matter what
I'm doing. I would show you a picture of the finished room after I hung the
pictures, but the guest bedroom has become school supply central in the last
day or two. (School starts back in 5 days!)

- four -

I started a new workout schedule this week and I'm loving it. I'm also proud 
of myself for sticking to my plan.  

For the past few months I've worked out according to what I was feeling each day 
and sometimes that meant, skipping workouts. Of course some days it's okay to miss 
a workout. It's always best to listen to your body. But I was beginning to slip into bad
habits of putting other things before myself and was skipping out on my own workouts.

I am happy to say that a new month and a new workout schedule is just what I needed.
It feels great to be active and honoring my body again.

I'm not sure exactly what our weekend holds. Still hoping to spend some
quality family time together before Miss S starts back to school. I'm sure her
Junior year of high school will be a busy one. I better get my camera charged
and ready because I know just how fast time flies.

Happy Friday!


  1. Luke Bryan <33333 Last night I was driving home from my dad's and he was on Nash FM and playing a bunhc of the songs off the new album and I really wanted to keep driving in circles!

    1. I completely understand!!! The new album is amazing!


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