Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Oh my goodness where is my motivation this morning? So much I need to do, but so
little "get up and go" this morning. I know I need to get moving, or I will just feel worse
by the end of the day.

Does anyone else struggle with wanting to be productive but feeling unmotivated at
the same time? So frustrating sometimes and takes a lot of mental convincing. The mind
is a funny thing!

I really want/need to tackle organizing my craft room/office today. But, I'm dragging my
feet because I will have to round up some storage bins, baskets, etc. before I can
really accomplish anything. So, it's the rounding up the organizational items that
is holding me back. 

Before I tackle that task, I want to share a quick What's Up Wednesday.

 I've been absolutely loving salads this week.

They make the perfect meal in this ridiculously hot weather. Crisp, cool, salads
for the win!

I need to get started on my CEU's for my personal training renewal. As a trainer,
I'm required to complete 20 CEU's every two years. Last time I re-certified I took 
courses on working with older adults, staying injury free, and on healing issues in 
the lower back. This time I'm thinking of studying more about nutrition, weight 
management, and also a bit more on preventing sports injuries, and shoulder and 
knee problems. After experiencing a few injuries myself, I am 100% on board with 
exercise safety. I want my clients to work hard and get results all while staying 
safe and injury free!

Speaking of pain, unfortunately my left knee has decided to bother me again.

It will flare up from time to time (for no apparent reason) so I am going back
to my old faithful pain prevention duo.

When I take these two supplements regularly I hardly ever have joint issues. For some silly
reason, I haven't taken these in months and now my knee is reminding me that it's time
to start again.

I plan to give my knee a little rest today, and will do yoga and core work
rather than cardio today. If it still feels a little off tomorrow, I will substitute a
bike ride for my 5K walk/jog day.

Guess it's time for me to get started with my organizing. I know I will feel so much
better when it's done!

Have a great Wednesday!

What's up with you today?

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