Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Starting Off Strong!

I mentioned yesterday that I was in Week 1 of  5K training. My walk/jog days are scheduled
on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so I wanted to start the week off strong with some
strength training.

For years, I used different variations of the typical "bodybuilding" training plan.
I would train chest/triceps one day, back/biceps one day, legs one day, and
shoulders/abs on another day. 

Well fast forward a little and lately I am loving full body circuit training. It's fast paced,
and dare I say FUN? Yes, it's exhausting too, but in a good way! *Insert evil 
personal trainer laugh here!*

While I'm trying to improve at "running" (I'll use that term loosely...) I plan
to follow a two day a week, full body strength training plan.

My schedule will include 3 cardio days, and 2 strength days.
(plus a little core work, yoga, stretching, and foam rolling mixed in)

This is the workout I created for myself yesterday. I made it up as I went along and
I loved it. I completed the first two exercises three times, then moved to the next
circuit and repeated it two times, and then moved to the last circuit and completed
it two times.

When I do this workout again, I may complete the entire workout one time through, 
and then go back to the top and repeat it again one or two more times.

Lots of options here for a great workout! Also easy to modify to suit your own needs.
You can rest as little or as much as you need to. I made it through the first circuit and
the third circuit with minimal rest, but the step ups and thrusters circuit demanded a
little more rest time!

In other news, Hubby and I are really missing Miss S while she is away at the beach.
Meanwhile she is absolutely fine. Having a ball and not homesick in the least.

Thank goodness she doesn't go away to college for two more years, because I know
for 100% certainty that I am NOT ready for her to move away!

Do you prefer full body training, or do you train specific muscle groups on 
certain days?

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