Monday, July 13, 2015

My Journey Begins


Today is the beginning of a new and exciting journey for me. I can sometimes be kind of
weird about numbers and dates, and would typically prefer to "begin my journey" on the 1st 
of the month, or the 15th, or some number that sounds like a more "official" starting date.

But this time, my journey is going to be different, so my starting date might as well be 
different too. This time I will be beginning a lifestyle plan that will improve not only my 
health, but the health of my family, and maybe even someone that reads this.

You may have noticed that I keep saying the words "this time." You may be curious 
what I mean. Yes, I mean I have done this before. I have woken up on a Monday morning
and decided it was time to change my life, my habits, and my health many times before.

Sometimes those decisions have caused changes that have been noticeable and lasting, other
times my motivation passes almost as quickly as it came.

In the past, I've been a pretty "all or nothing" person. I've even managed to get myself
"all in" on a bodybuilding competition diet so I could step on stage and compete in a
bikini competition. After the competition, I did not want to continue on such a structured
diet, so I kind of spiraled in the opposite direction and found myself once again finding the 
lost weight. Not healthy, not fun. Also not a good example of balanced living.

My journey this time will be a journey of balanced living. It will be a journey that I will
continue for the rest of my life. 

There will be no more "all or nothing." No more "diets" for this girl. My new journey
will be a lifestyle. Yes, one of my goals is weight loss, but this is about more than that.
I will be learning balance, forgiveness, moderation, and mindfulness. 

I want my life to be love, health, and happiness. Not about restriction, deprivation, and
shaming. There will be no "good days" and "bad days," only lessons learned and
experiences gained.

I want to live a lifestyle that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on
the outside. This journey is about living and improving all areas of my life.

I would love to have you join me on my journey!

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