Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Meet The Family

Hello and welcome to A Kristian Lifestyle. My name is Kristian, and this is my little

I'm a very blessed wife, mom, health coach and personal trainer. I enjoy
spending time with family, exercising, shopping, reading, and being at the pool
or beach.

I love to laugh, and that is one of my favorite things to do with my hubby 
and daughter. I am in total bliss when we are all at home together sharing
dinner and a movie. Time spent with my family is priceless. Our guilty 
pleasures are definitely Netflix and our DVR. If it happened 
on a reality t.v show, we are most likely talking about it!

Hubby doesn't usually hang around the house in a tie, but this picture was taken
on Easter Sunday, and he wanted to dress a little nicer to celebrate.

Hubby and I are still adjusting to having a new driver in the house. Having your
child drive away on their own is a feeling that definitely takes some getting used to.

Our daughter is our heart! She is smart, funny, and a joy to be with. She is a diligent
student and is looking forward to college in two years.

We have three sweet fur babies that actually have no idea that they aren't human.

Our miniature dachshund is nine years old and is very possessive of
his time with Mommy! Definitely a momma's boy right here.

Our chocolate lab is seven years old and loves to hunt and retrieve with his Daddy.
He has given us a few health scares through the years, and now takes daily medicine
for hypothyroidism, and epilepsy. He is a big love bug, but is very protective of his 
home and his family.

This little princess is three years old. We adopted her from the Humane Society
and I'm pretty sure she is the sweetest baby girl in the whole world. (Well, at least
to her family.) She tolerates strangers, but loves being near us. When it isn't kitty
nap time, she is usually somewhere close by demanding love and attention.

Thanks for stopping by today to meet my little family. I hope you will visit again

Do you have pets?

Do you treat them like family too?

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