Monday, July 27, 2015

Marvelous Monday Mantra { Live Simply }

Happy Monday everyone!

Miss S is back from her trip to the beach and all is right in my world.
I did have a brief moment of realization this morning that I will no longer
be driving her to school. Yes, when school starts back in a few weeks, she will be
driving herself to school. For the first time in 11 years, I won't be taking her to school.
My first thoughts were to feel like she doesn't need me, but thankfully I quickly shot
that thought out of my head and realized that this not only is this an exciting chapter
in her life, but it is a normal part of  growing  up. I am happy for her because I know
she is going into some of the most fun years of her life.

Well that was not where I intended to go with this blog post at all.
I intended to talk about my mantra for the week...

" Live SIMPLY "

I have formed a theory recently about vacations. This makes total sense in my
head, so hopefully I can type it out and have it make sense here too.

I believe that one thing that makes vacations so relaxing is that not only are
you escaping the stresses and responsibilities of the real world for a few days,
you are also escaping the "junk" in your life that holds you back. The junk
that keeps you from feeling successful, the junk that makes you feel tied down,
and the junk that makes you feel stressed. Well, my theory is that a lot of the
junk that keeps me from feeling free, and happy, and relaxed, and successful is

Think about it, when you go on vacation, you only pack what you really need. 
You pack the essentials. 

Think about how much junk that you own, that you don't take with you.
Think about this.... If you can live without it for 5 days, or 10 days, or however
long your vacation is, do you really, really need it in your home?

Do we need the 10 (or more) coffee mugs that we own, or could we keep two
or three of our favorites?

Do we need the 6 - 10 (or more) lipsticks that we have stored in our bathroom,
or could we keep our favorite for each season?

Do you see where I am going with this? 

My plan this week is to walk into each room and really think about the 
things that I own. I'm a girl that loves her stuff, but do I love it more than
feeling relaxed and calm in my space?

I'm going to take a hard look at some of my "stuff," some of my "junk,"
and see if keeping it is worth sacrificing my calm, and my peace of mind.

I want to live in a home that is relaxing and a safe haven, not one that is a source of 
stress. One that I can't wait to go on vacation to get away from.

I love these thoughts...

Now for our short little weekend recap....

Friday night we got Miss S home from the beach and no one wanted to
think about cooking. I had been craving buffalo chicken pizza for several
days so ordering pizza seemed like the best thing to do.

Saturday Hubby did so much work in our yard. He cut down a tree, prepped
an area that we want to make into a patio, cut the grass, and also made a new 
flower bed. I have no idea how he did all of that in this ridiculous heat. I am
so thankful that he is able to do the things he does despite the 96 degree weather.

Miss S had breakfast and a shopping day with a friend, then later in the afternoon went
to Target with me. We picked up a few random things, plus got her school supplies.

This is Miss S goofing off in the school supply section acting like she wants
a Minion backpack and lunch box. I can promise you those times are long gone!

Teenagers today will ONLY carry a North Face backpack or a Patagonia backpack!

Also on Saturday, I spent time watching Katie on periscope. I love her blog, but 
seeing her in person is even better. She is the cutest, happiest, funniest person! If
you are not on periscope, do yourself a favor and join now! She will seriously
make your day with her positive attitude and authentic personality.

Sunday was church, lunch with friends, and a quick nap. It was a great
mix of fun times and lazy moments!

Guess I better get my workout on, and then get started with my de-cluttering.

I'm linking up with Katie for 

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

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