Thursday, July 16, 2015

A 'Do Anywhere' Workout

Some days I find myself in need of a quick workout that can be done at home.
After spending most of yesterday fighting traffic while running errands, I find
my little homebody heart longing for a day at home. I may run out to pick up a
few groceries, but the grocery store is no where near my gym. What's a girl to do?

I offer a program at my gym several times during the year called "50/50 Circuit."
It is popular due to its fast paced, full-body, strength and cardio combination.

Here is a sample of one of the workouts that I would have my 50/50 clients do.

This format is easily adapted to all fitness levels. In order to complete
the circuit in 30 minutes, follow the workout with minimal rest.

Typically this workout, when repeated twice is complete in 30 minutes.
If you up for more of a challenge, it can be repeated 3 or even 4 times through.

Also, for more advanced clients, I would increase the cardio intervals, and the
plank to 60 seconds.

Beginners, start with 5 pound dumbbells, more experienced levels would
increase the weight to 8, 10, 12,  or 15 pound dumbbells, etc.

Remember, if you are a true beginner, go through this workout one time. If you are
an intermediate fitness level, go through the workout 2 - 3 times. Advanced fitness
levels complete the workout 3 - 4 times using challenging weights.

Be sure to work at a pace that best suits you. Only you know where that level is.
You want to challenge yourself, but not over do it! Work hard, but listen to your body.

More workout options...

For an advanced workout, you should also check out Ashley Horner's killer
circuit workout HERE.

Happy Thursday to you!

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