Monday, March 27, 2017

Ready, Set, Explore!

Hello and welcome back! The weekend was a quick one and it looks like Monday is 
here again. Our Monday is a Spring Break Monday which totally trumps a regular
Monday. Miss S is rushing me along and wants to get back to exploring Nashville, 
but before we go, I want to quickly recap our quiet weekend.

Friday and Saturday were stay home days for me, and they were wonderful!

While I was soaking and relaxing in my whirlpool tub, Hunter brought me his bone.
He wanted me to play tug of war with him, but then he accidentally dropped his bone
in the tub with me! Just look at the look of confusion on his cute face!

That boy knows how to make his Mama smile. He is a total love bug.

Our other little love bug has a new place to play. We have a sleeper sofa in our guest 
bedroom, and we were playing on the floor in there (safely out from under Hunter's big
lab feet) and since Roo loves to jump and climb so much, I pulled one of the sofa cushions
down to the floor for him to play around on. He had a ball running and jumping up on the
cushion, and finally took a break to rest and chew on his little puppy bone.

His sweet little face just begs for unlimited kisses!

Miss S had to sneak in and give him some snuggles because he is just so adorable.

Sunday, we took selfies from Nashville.

Yesterday we explored an area called 12 South and Miss S was loving it. The area is 
young and hip and she was in her element. I think my girl is imagining herself living
in Nashville someday....sigh.  That day is coming faster than I ever thought it would,
that's for sure.

Well, Miss S is rushing us and is ready to head our for more Nashville exploration.

I will see you tomorrow!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fabulous Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Oh my goodness BOTH of my puppies are wide awake and ready to PLAY!

This post may have to be written in two minute increments, haha.

Here are two quick snippets of puppy playtime at our house.

You watched this one earlier in the week...

And here is one more.

A two pound puppy and an 80 pound puppy make quite the unlikely duo. They do 
love each other and love to play, but we have to be so cautious to keep little Roo 
safe. One misstep and Hunter could hurt him. So scary! I don't even want to think 
about that happening.

I plan to be home all day today to soak up all the puppy playtime that I can. I
love being at home, and being at home with two cute puppies, plus this sweet kitty...

is just an added bonus. A day far away from crowds, noise and traffic sounds 
perfect to me!

I will be burning my current favorite candle today too...

Okay, enough about me hiding away from the world today, ha, let's talk about
some of our other favorites I've been loving lately.

These gluten free cookies are a-may-zing. No one would ever guess they are
gluten free. The are simply delicious.

Miss S also enjoys these little bite sized gluten free cookies. They are good, but
not as good as the Tate's, in my opinion.

Miss S has been having one of these Healthy Oatmeal Bites along with a Greek
Yogurt for breakfast this week. They are quite good and are pretty good for you too,

These Luna Bars may just be my new favorite. They really do taste like a chocolate

In other news...

Roo had his 2nd vet check up yesterday and is now weighing in at 2.8 pounds!

Roo loves his vet Caitlin, even though she did give him two shots yesterday, She
was apologetic about it, so it helped his feelings! He did great, and I was so happy
he had a good check up.

And just one more of my favorites...

When we got Roo home earlier this month, and the reality of how teeny, tiny
he actually is set in, Hubby went to Walmart and bought this Graco Pack N Play
for Roo.

We bought the large play area that you see in the videos to stay in the family room,
and Roo's Pack N Play stays in our bedroom for him to sleep in. He does so well in it.
It has plenty of room for his little bed on one end, and a puppy pad on the other end.
He hops in his little bed and sleeps, and gets out to potty on the pad when he needs
to. He is doing great and is such a sweet little baby boy.

I hope I haven't gotten on your nerves going on and on about my fur babies,
but you probably all know me well enough by now to expect no less, ha!

Next week is Spring Break for us, but I will try to pop in to keep you updated
as I can. We are heading to Nashville for a few days, and Miss S has lots of
places she wants to see, so it should be tiring fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Saturday + MORE Furbaby Pictures

Woo Hoo! Look at me blogging twice in one week again. Hopefully things are 
looking up! 

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I would share a few pictures from Miss S's early
birthday dinner. Her birthday is on the 31st, and always falls during her Spring Break
week. It's hard to celebrate on your birthday when at least 1/2 of your friends are out
of town. Also, life has been a little cruel and unusual around here so having a party
at our house just wasn't going to work well for anyone. So, Miss S took matters into
her own hands and planned a birthday dinner of her own. She and about 15 of her
closest friends had dinner together Saturday evening at California Pizza Kitchen
in The Summit.

They had a lot of fun, and here are a few pictures with her besties from the celebration...

"SC" and Miss S

"Bdot" and Miss S

"HLo" (future roomie) and Miss S

While Miss S was out celebrating her birthday Saturday night, I was at home having
a mini-meltdown. I was really missing Rusty. Looking back now, I realize that the
back pain and ambulance crisis with Hubby was the 1st traumatic situation I had dealt
with since losing Rusty. Rusty was always the one there for me when I needed extra
love and support. Rusty was the one who would give me extra love and snuggles.
Saturday night, I was on my own. Hubby was all "I'm fine, and you need to let this go."
Meanwhile, I was all "my world almost fell apart, again, and I need my Rusty baby!"
(Yes, I realize that I can be dramatic at times, but I can't help myself.)

I found these words that kind of sum up what I needed that night...

Reading these words gave me a little comfort, and I got some peace that eventually
things would be okay again.

And on a happier note, a few more of our newest little cutie pie...

Look at this comparison! Big and little with Roo and Hunter playing on Hubby.

Who could resist this little face?

But of course Hunter is still loved too! We love this sweet, happy, loving boy. Can't believe
he will be ONE in a couple of weeks.

Well, it's going to be a busy day around here with work, errands to run, and chores
to do, so I had better get moving.

Roo has a vet check up appointment on Thursday morning, so I probably will not
see you again until Friday!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Friday Through Friday

Hello again friends and family! Happy Monday to you all.

Last week was one hot mess of a week, so the blogging life took a backseat to
simply surviving.

Let's recap the good parts and then briefly touch on the crazy parts that hit me like 
a ton of bricks...

On Friday, March 10, 2017, a precious little angel came into my life.
I told you a little about Roo in this post.

He is an adorable little 1.9 pound ball of energy! He runs around like a little
streak of lighting, and absolutely loves biting and chewing on fingers and toes.

Between March 10 - 14, my days were spent keeping him safe from the mighty,
clumsy and big feet, and playful nature of this blond cutie, Hunter. Keep in mind,
Hunter is only 11 months old, so he wants to play with his new brother. He has no
idea he could accidentally hurt him.

Here are some pics of sweet, (and teeny, tiny) Roo, to get you caught up...

Finally on Tuesday, the 14th, we realized that we needed a place to let Roo play that 
would also keep him safe from the big baby, Hunter.

We headed to PetSmart to see if we could find an indoor play area that would allow
Roo to have his own play space, and allow him to stay out from under Hunter's
big Labrador body.

Also, Roo has his own instagram account if you want 
to follow along. You can find him here.

Well, we did not find what we needed at our local PetSmart, so we ordered an
indoor play area online from Amazon.

You can see that it works well in our home by watching this video.

Life was good, and potential problem situations seemed to be solved.


Hubby came home from work on Wednesday morning, the 16th after hurting his 

He spent all day Wednesday in excruciating pain, and then by early Thursday
morning, he could not even move. At one point he crawled from the bed to the
bathroom so he could pull himself to a semi-upright position.

Let me tell you, seeing your husband, your rock, the one you depend on, in this
much pain shakes you to the core.  I came way too close to possibly losing him back
in February, and now he is own his knees in pain in March. This is a LOT 
to deal with.

Eventually, we knew the only way to help him was to call an ambulance to come and
get him and take him in to the emergency room. 

To make a long, dramatic story, short, he was treated in the ER, then saw an orthopedic
back doctor on Friday, and we are now waiting for the MRI results.

He has been on a LOT of meds all weekend, and even though he is still hurting, he did
head out the door to attempt work today.

Alright, I think that is enough madness from here today!

I will PLAN to pop on tomorrow and share a little about Miss S's early birthday
celebration. She planned a little birthday dinner for her and a few friends last 
Saturday night, so I will tell you about that, and share a few pictures from her
"party." I can not believe my baby will soon be 18 years old.

Thanks for reading today! Sorry I was not around last week, but hey, at least I did
survive, haha!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 13, 2017

My New Baby

Happy Monday!

I am so thankful for my loving, and self-less husband,  This man left Birmingham
Thursday, and drove 9 hours to Lakeland,  Florida.  He spent the night there, then
picked up this precious little guy on Friday morning to bring home for me.

I'd like to introduce you to Roo.

He is a red, smooth, miniature dachshund, and was born in Polk City, Florida on 
January 7, 2017. He is 8 weeks old and is waaaayyy tinier than he looks in
pictures,  We estimate that he might weigh 1 and 1/2 pounds.

 My arms have looked like this since the moment he arrived!

{ I am typing this post with one hand, so I'm going to get back to loving
on this little sweetie. }

I will post again soon!

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Rusty Roundup

Happy Friday and happy almost weekend!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I wanted to share with you some of the ways that I am 
paying tribute to, and remembering Rusty. He is a precious and treasured 
part of my heart, and I plan to keep it that way!

First off, I want to say a special thank you to Linda, a sweet reader of this blog. It was 
so very thoughtful of her to take time out of her busy life to find this beautiful card...

and this precious picture frame...

The frame is perfect because Rusty was definitely ALL of those things!

Her thoughtfulness sure made my day, and gives me encouragement to keep this little 
blog going.  I am still looking for just the perfect picture of my little Roo to go in this
adorable frame. 

Miss S found this little white ceramic dachshund at TJMaxx and knew instantly that
I would want it in my life!

What a little cutie! My sweet girl was thrilled to bring this home to surprise me.

My parents got me three items that I absolutely love!

I have already gotten this memorial stone with Rusty's name and years of his life.

This stone was found here, and they are available for either dogs or cats. (We also have one
for Drake.)

I am currently waiting for these two to arrive...

Of course the little bone on my necklace will say 'Rusty' and instead of the pearl,
it will have Rusty's birthstone.

I can hardly wait to wear this necklace!

Again I want to say a special thank you to Mom, Dad, Miss S, and Linda for these 
special memorial gifts, and also to all of you for your words of comfort and love.

I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Cleaning, a Book Review, and Spring Decor

Some days I wake up and feel inspired to get things done. Making a "things to do"
list and checking things off, leaves me with a huge sense of accomplishment.
Unfortunately the days that I wake up feeling like that are also the days that I
have to be at the gym for work soon. As much as I want to clean and get things
done, life's little commitments just get in the way.

So, I usually need to find other ways to get motivated to get cleaning and organizing.

One way that usually gets me motivated and ready to clean is by watching videos on
YouTube of people cleaning their house. I realize this may sound crazy, but it really
does work.

Here are links to some of my favorite inspirational cleaning and organizing videos:

Another way to increase your motivation to clean is to get organized. I refer to helpful
and inspiring books like this one to increase my motivation and get moving. I find it's
good to keep a book like this handy and reread sections as often as needed. 

This book not only inspires you to begin organizing your spaces, but it is user friendly.
Its chapters are arranged by areas and rooms in your home. If you need to tackle
organizing your closet, simply refer to Chapter 2 which gives you plenty of great
info and tips on closet organization. 

One thing that Jane Stoller suggests in her book is to envision how being organized
will change your daily habits and your life. I would venture to say that when you 
dream of how you want your life to look, having a clean and organized home is
likely part of the equation. I believe that this idea easily transfers into getting inspired
to clean. Simply stop and think for a moment about how you want your home to look
and feel. For me, I know being clean is part of the plan.

Jane Stoller's book also talks about the science behind organization and stress. There are
so many links between being organized and being healthy. Now we have even more proof
that stress leads to a weakened immune system! Why make your life more complicated
than it has to be especially when there are so many helpful resources available to prevent it?

Side note: In addition to the helpful organizational tips in this book, there is also a
fabulous section of planning and packing to travel. I will probably do a separate 
post on this topic as Spring Break approaches in a couple of weeks.

Also, with graduations and Summer weddings just around the corner, I would
highly recommend this book for young adults that are just getting out into the world
and setting up their own spaces. If I had read this book years ago, I probably would
have saved myself a lot of failed attempts at getting organized!

Another way to find more helpful tips and tricks, is via a quick Pinterest search. Take a 
look here and here to see if any of these tips might be helpful for you as well.

Another tip, is to ask for help. Believe me, I know it isn't always easy to ask someone 
for help, but I have found that when family members help with the cleaning and
organizing, they are more likely to help maintain the newly cleaned and organized
areas. Calm the control freak inside you and give it a try.

While I may not yet be in full blown Spring Cleaning mode, I did take a few minutes 
to bring a little Spring flavor to my home. I won't decorate for Easter for another week
or two, so here is what I am currently using as Spring Decor.

My Spring Mantel...

and my Spring Foyer Decor...

Just getting new seasonal decor out helps my mood. Looking at pretty areas inspires me to
keep going and make more and more areas of my home look nice.

Who's ready to clean with me?

Coming up tomorrow....

A Rusty Roundup!

My plan is to keep this a happy post. I want to show you all the ways that I am
remembering my little angel dachshund. 

A sweet, thoughtful reader sent me a beautiful card and adorable picture frame,
plus, my parents ordered three more special items to preserve his precious memory.
Tomorrow, I want to share all the goodies with you!

Thanks for reading today, and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow!

Happy Thursday to you all!

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