Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday Rambles

Goodness! I don't know about y'all but this Wednesday just popped up out of nowhere.

I had a Workout Wednesday video filmed for you but when I upgraded my phone
last Friday, only part of the video survived the upgrade. I would rather not post 1/2 a
workout video for you, ha! 

I spent two hours on the phone with Apple Support last night trying to figure out
why I am suddenly having issues uploading videos to YouTube, and have another
call back session scheduled for later today. Technology is a finicky thing! 

Other than that, I am also fighting allergy/cold issues. All this warm weather and
rain has lots of things blooming and my allergies are up in arms over it!

(It's going to be in the low 80's for the next 3 days! Craziness!)

Also, I am taking down Valentine decor today, but am unsure of what will
replace it. It seems a little early for Spring decor, but too late for Winter decor.
Since Easter is April 1, I don't want to decorate for that this early. Hmmm...
what to do, what to do?

If I can get a workout filmed today, (and get it to upload) I will update here this evening. 
Otherwise, I will see you all back here on Friday!

Oh my! I better go! The doggies are currently shredding brown leaves 
all over my ivory shag rug!  Now I can add vacuuming to my list of
"to do's!"

Thanks for reading my Wednesday rambles! See you Friday! :)

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Birthday And A Search For A Bucket!

This past weekend, we wrapped up the celebration of my Valentine birthday.

(In case you missed it, I also talked about my birthday celebration in this post.)

Miss S came home on Friday afternoon, and we had dinner together as a family.
She had requested salmon, asparagus and new potatoes for dinner.

After dinner, she headed to Starbucks to meet with her friends who were also home
from college for the weekend.

On Saturday, my parents came back to town to celebrate with us.

Miss S needed new running shoes so that is what she asked for as her Valentine
gift. We went to Fleet Feet to have her fitted to insure we would be buying
the correct shoes for her foot.

She had three shoes to choose from, Saucony, New Balance, and Hoka. After trying all of
them, she chose Hoka as the clear cut winner.

My dad decided to get fitted and bought a pair of Hoka's too! He walks 5 miles
a day and at lightning speed, so I hope he will enjoy his new shoes.

After shopping and lunch, we headed back to our house to celebrate with cupcakes,
gluten free, of course!

No day of fun is complete without a picture! I love this one, even though the
puppies aren't looking at the camera, ha!

 I have also been on the hunt for these....

I saw these on an instagram post last Monday, and have since searched three
different Walmart stores looking for them.

I wish someone would get on the ball and get these shipped to some stores in
Alabama. Aren't they just the cutest?! I want one, Walmart!

(I can't find them online either, but I am going to keep looking both in store
and online. I will let you know when I get my hands on one.)

I have a video of our weekend edited and all ready to go, but for the life of me, 
I can't get it to upload to YouTube. I've tried unsuccessfully about 8 times. 
If/when I can finally get it to upload, I will update here and on Facebook 
to let you know it is ready to watch.

Tuesday Update: 

Yay! Here is the video!

Have an awesome day and I will see you again on Wednesday!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites!

This week has been one of my favorites because it was not only Valentine's Day, 
it was also my birthday week! I'm also super excited that we aren't done celebrating 
just yet. Miss S is coming home from college today, so we will celebrate more 
this weekend. Getting to spend time with my girl is always a treasured gift.

It's also a great week when beautiful flowers and sweet surprise gifts from friends far 
away are delivered to your door!

We also reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel! That was another absolutely
fabulous surprise!

Hubby brought home a delicious looking chocolate / caramel covered apple and 
we also made chocolate covered strawberries at home this week in honor of
Valentine's Day. Obviously they were another favorite from the week, ha ha!

Y U M !

Here is a video from my YouTube channel that shows more about the fun we
had this week celebrating. I would love for you to watch and subscribe to
my channel if you haven't already! :)

(If you are already a subscriber, thank you so much!)

It was definitely a fabulous week of favorites!

Thanks for visiting today and I will see you on Monday!

Have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pics, Workouts, Valentines and Birthdays!

Happy LOVE day to all my sweet readers! 

And yippee! It's also my birthday!

Miss S and I had so much fun taking these pictures a couple of weeks ago, and I'm
pretty happy with how they turned out. She looks fantastic in any and every picture
she takes, but I am somewhat of a wild card. I'm always thrilled when I manage
to get one when I'm not blinking, ha ha!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.

Also, here is your Workout Wednesday video. Give it a try before you crack open
that yummy box of chocolates that you got (or will get) from your Valentine.

I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

( free printable found here )

I'll be back on Friday to share all my favorite things from the week,
AND from my birthday!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekends, Meals, and Moves

Happy Monday everyone!

Well, just like that another weekend has come and gone. We were without
Miss S this weekend,  but somehow we managed to push through. We are 
completely thrilled that she will be here with us this coming weekend though!

Let's take a quick look at our weekend...

                                   Hubby came home from work on Friday bearing goodies!

Y'all! This little bundt cake was out of this world delicious. I would never have
dreamed that a vanilla cake could be this melt in your mouth amazing.

On Friday night, the 2018 Winter Olympics began in South Korea.

(image source)

We watched on and off all weekend long. Hubby is currently wrapped up in
Longmire on Netflix, so he would alternate between the two.

In an effort to get myself organized for the week, let's quickly talk about meals
and moves for the week. 


Birthday dinner

My goal is to do a 10-15 minute bike ride (on my indoor spin bike) each day
before starting each video.




New video coming on Wednesday!



Today, your challenge is to complete ONE task that you have been putting off.
You know what that task is. Maybe it is working out, maybe it is cleaning out 
a closet, or a junk drawer. Maybe it is a work related task that you have been
avoiding.  Maybe it is running an errand that you have been dreading. Whatever
it is, I challenge (us) to get the ball rolling on it.

Have a great (and productive) day, and I will see you on Wednesday!

Friday, February 9, 2018

{All The Awesome Things} Friday Favorites!

Hello again y'all!

I'm so happy you are here today. To make up for my rainy, gloomy, funky
mood on Wednesday, I am going to share with you a super duper sized
Friday Favorites today.

I'm going to share all the fabulous favorites with you today! 

Grab a blanket, get cozy, and let's get started!

Speaking of getting cozy, I am loving the cozy, yet festive vibe of my Valentine
mantel. The pops of red and pink, along with the abundance of white twinkle
lights is absolutely lovely in my book. 

And this little heart pillow from TJ Maxx makes me smile each time I see it.

Finally having my nail polish neatly organized is one of my favorite things as well.
It feels so good to clear the clutter!

If you would live to see a video on how I organized from start to finish, you can watch here,
or simply click below.

I am also loving my new planner. It is the bullet journal style and is giving me so much
more freedom to plan as I want/need to.

This is the planner I started January with. It is absolutely beautiful, and I love it,
but with limited space and rigid set-up, I found myself only accomplishing the
"musts" in my day, like appointments, work, etc.

The open space of the bullet journal, while a little intimidating at first, is perfect for
being able to plan out the things I want to do to accomplish my goals. I think it is
going to be a big help to me as I dive deeper into using it.

Hubby's favorite sweet treat lately are these...

I know it seems a little crazy to be loving popsicles in the middle of winter, but he sure is!

I also posted a grocery and household items haul from Walmart if you are interested
in seeing other favorites I picked up this week. You can watch here, or click below.

My favorite song for the week is this one...

If you are not a country music fan, you may want to skip right over this one, but I
am absolutely loving it. This song makes me want to dance and sing along. I have
had it on repeat all week long!

Listen here if you dare, lol, or watch below.

Of all my favorite things this week though, I have one that surpasses them all.

While Miss S was home last weekend, we took some pictures. I will share them
all next week, but this one makes my heart so happy...

I love this girl, and I love this picture! 

I'm so happy she will be home next weekend to help celebrate my Valentine Birthday!
Yay! Yay! Yay!

I hope you all have a fan-tab-u-lous weekend! 

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hello! My name is Kristian and I don't do well with transitions.

I also get into my own head sometimes and make matters feel worse than they
actually are.

This has been a bit of a weird week for me. Miss S has come home and gone again,
my work schedule has been weird, the animals are being aggravating,
and I have had zero motivation to work out, and even less to film

It is raining and gross this morning, and I am officially in a funk. I have to leave
to go to work in 30 minutes, and I would much rather crawl back into my soft, 
cozy, warm bed.


I will push through, and I will be fine. I will try to get a video on YouTube later today.
I can not promise a workout, but I will have something.

Does anyone even like the workouts that I post?

Does anyone ever try them?

Okay, sorry, there I go again getting into my own head and being insecure.  
Blogging and making videos takes a lot of planning, a lot of effort, and a lot 
of organizing. I put a lot of pressure on myself and sometimes a girl just 
wants to know that someone thinks it's worth the work

I'm going to get ready for work. After work, I have to go to the grocery store, 
and then once I am home, I will (plan to) get a video ready to post.

Thank you for listening, and I will see you back on the blog Friday.

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