Thursday, December 14, 2017

It's Finally Here ~ Our Holiday Home!

Y'all get excited!

I finally got myself together enough to take some photos to share with you
of our home decorated for Christmas.

I am so glad you are here today to see our holiday home!

Our family room...

Also in the family room is the table Hubby built for me all decorated for Christmas...

Our dining room got a beautiful new flocked Christmas tree this year...

I had intended to find a white fur tree skirt for the bottom of the tree, but just
never got that done. I will be on the lookout next year, for sure.

The decor in the kitchen was kept super simple this year with just a cute little tree
in my coffee corner...

This was the tree that was in our dining room last year, but I moved it into our
master bedroom this year. I had intended to add a tree skirt here as well, but
life had other, more important plans for me.

Our decor was only about 80% done this year, but when a nurse calls you from your
daughter's cell phone to let you know your child has collapsed and is being
taken by ambulance to the hospital, suddenly things like tree skirts, and more
garland and lights hop in the backseat really, really quickly.

I pray ALL of that is behind us now and we will have a calm and peaceful
holiday season.

Miss S and I are heading back to Auburn today. She has an exam tonight,
and then one tomorrow. After that, she is officially finished with Fall
Semester! Praise the Lord! We spent several days and nights during the 
past few weeks really, really thinking that she would not be well enough
to complete this semester. We are so thankful that God hears and answers

I hope you enjoyed our mostly finished, "good enough for this year" 
Christmas home tour.

I will see you again next week!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gift Ideas For The Happy Homebody

In the spirit of the season, lets continue our gift giving trend with some gift ideas
for the person in your life that loves to be at home. As a homebody myself, I can
tell you that many of these items would also appear on my list of favorite things.

Let's take a look...

1.  If you have been around here for more than about 30 seconds, you know that I love
candles, especially Bath & Body candles. Two of my favorite scents around
Christmas time are Spiced Apple Toddy and Tis the Season. If you come to 
my house, I can guarantee that one of these will be burning.

2.  Harry and David has so many wonderful treats for any time of the year, and I know
you will find something that your special homebody will love. Two of my 
absolute favorite coffee flavors are their Moose Munch, and their Northwest
Blend. Either (or both) of those coffees would make a delightful gift for
the coffee drinking homebody in your life.

3.  Once they brew a prize worthy pot of Harry and David coffee, they will need an
adorable coffee mug. Isn't this one perfect? I mean really, "let's stay home" 
is every homebody's favorite expression. 

4. Any homebody would appreciate a yummy little snack. This Holiday Drizzle
Caramel Popcorn would be perfect for a night in spent watching favorite 
Christmas movies.

5. Another homebody in your life may enjoy a set of festive holiday wine glasses.
Maybe instead of sipping a warm cup of coffee, they would prefer a nice glass
of wine while they relax in a cozy spot with a juicy read.

6.  Two of my all time favorite Christmas movies are Christmas With The Kranks
and Home Alone. I also love The Santa Clause. I have shopped around online a
bit, and have found that Target usually has the lowest prices on DVD's. If you
have a homebody in your life, why not add to their DVD collection?

7.  No night in is complete without super cozy, soft, snuggly accessories. A couple 
of these pillows would make an awesome gift for the person in your life that
prefers to snuggle up and be cozy.

8.  We all know a cozy pillow, needs a cozy blanket to go with it. You might as well
add a blanket like this one to complete the experience. Your special homebody
may never leave home again!

9.  If your homebody is also cold-natured, then these socks may be just what
they need for warm and toasty toes. Before Miss S got her Uggs as an 
early Christmas present from her sweet Mamaw, she wore socks similar 
to these almost everyday while walking to classes and to the library! 
Apparently the weather outside is chilly on The Plains!

10.  If family movie night is your idea of a fun Friday night then a pair of
warm and cozy flannel pajamas makes the perfect gift. 

11.  If the homebody on your list is anything like me, then a new pair of soft 
and comfy slippers is always welcomed. I love house shoes as much as I
love running shoes! Apparently I'm all about being comfortable!

I hope this guide was able to provide you with a little inspiration for what to
get the special homebody in your life. I think any one of these would be a hit.

I am ready for everyone in our house to be well, and for exams to be over
so we can truly exhale and relax. I still have some shopping to do, and my
"to do list" has grown completely out of control.

I keep repeating to myself, "One thing at a time, one day at a time."

How is your holiday season going?

Is everyone in your house staying well?

Do you have a homebody to shop for?

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

Monday, December 11, 2017

$15 and Under ~ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Looking for the perfect little gift to give someone? Do you need just a few more items 
to hideaway inside a stocking? Then this is the post for you!

1.   Graphic Mug

1.  Miss S has a friend that would absolutely flip for this mug. We probably need to 
find a little minute to go ahead and order this one before it's gone.

2.  I have not actually tried this Rose Salve yet, but have heard SO MANY people
absolutely rave over it. It's supposed to work miracles on chapped lips, and 
dry cuticles. For the price, I am kicking myself for not picking one up.

3.  Miss S and her friends have raved over these traceless hair rings for a couple of
years now. As usual, I am a little late to the party, ha. Now that I am growing 
my hair out, I could definitely use these. They come in 7 colors, plus clear, 
so you can buy them to match your hair or your outfit. I am putting these 
on my wish list for sure.

4.  You know unicorns are at the top of so many girls wish list right now. Unicorns
are now what Hello Kitty was a few years ago. I am sure you know someone 
who is crazy over the magic of unicorns. I keep picturing a super girly 
white Christmas tree decorated with pink, silver, and unicorns. If I had 
a space for an over the top girly tree, I would be all over that idea!

5.  And if I had a MacBook, then this keyboard would certainly be on my wish list. 
If you know a girl with a MacBook, then this gift idea just might
be what you've been looking for.

6.  Another little gift you can't go wrong with is this lip shimmer set from Burt's
Bees. These lip shimmers are 100% natural and packaged perfectly for a
stocking stuffer. 

7.  It's a bath fizzy, and it's from Bath & Body Works. Need I say more?
What's not to love?!

8.  This gold sparkle mini cosmetic case is just adorable. I think it would be
perfect to hold those little items that get lost in the bottom of your purse.
And with the gold sparkle, it just might bring a smile to your face every
time you reach for it.

9.  e.l.f has some great makeup brushes and who could resist a set of them when
they are packaged so festively? I think this would be a great gift for makeup
lovers of all ages.

I hope you enjoyed this Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea post and were able to
find a few ideas to help you out with your holiday shopping.

Y'all! Christmas is just so close! I have so much left to do.

What about you? Are you still shopping? 

Are you finished?

Have you started?

Comment below and share your ideas for more stocking stuffers.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our Surprise Snow Day!

Welcome back!

We had quite the surprise yesterday. When we woke up on Friday morning,
the ground was covered with snow. The weather called for a few snow showers,
but no one expected to see the 6 inches that we got!

The downside however was that we lost power at 10:00 Friday morning and were
without power all day until 9:00 Friday night. It got pretty chilly in our house.
I am usually quite hot natured and even I was in sweats!

In other news...

Miss S is getting a little better each day. She is still stuffy,  coughing,  has low energy,
and little appetite, but we are hanging in there!

Thank you for all your kind words, uplifting thoughts and prayers. Please keep
them coming. She has final exams on Monday, Thursday, and Friday of this week
and then she will be finished for the semester.

It will feel so good to finally exhale and relax when those tests are done!

I'll talk to you all again soon!

Monday, December 4, 2017

What a Week!

Goodness, it has been a little minute since I have been here with you all.

What a stressful week we have had!

Last Tuesday, Miss S went to the doctor thinking she had the flu. Before she
even finished signing in at the doctor's office, she collapsed. The nurses
worked with her for over an hour, and then called us to let us know they
were going to send her by ambulance to the hospital in Opelika.

Life became one big blur at that point!

I was driving to work when I got the call from the doctor's office. 

I remember asking the nurse to please call my husband to give him all
the details as I made a U-turn to head back home.

I called to let work know that I would not be coming in, and rushed home to
pack a bag to head to Opelika.

Hubby met me at home, packed his bag, and then the drive to Opelika began.
A typical 2 hour drive, took us about 90 minutes! Hubby was as upset and
worried as I was.

Finally we got to the ER to be with our girl. They did lots of blood work, a chest
x-ray, and a cat scan of her head due to her fall when she collapsed.

Her test results showed that she tested positive for mono. After finishing
the prescribed amount of IV fluids she was released to our care to come
home, drink lots of fluids and stay in bed.

That's exactly what we did, but her fever climbed higher and higher,
and she became weaker and weaker.

I took her back to the doctor on Thursday, here in Birmingham, and the
nurses had to use a wheelchair to get her into the office. My sweet girl
could not even stand without almost passing out again. She was so sick
and pitiful, and I was an absolute nervous wreck. It is so painful to look at
your child and see them in misery, but not know how to help them, I was
so scared.

I wish I could have thought of this Bible verse at the time...

The doctor called another ambulance to take Miss S to the ER at a hospital here 
in  Birmingham. At least this time I was able to ride in the ambulance with her.
We spent the rest of the day there getting more IV fluids, medicine for pain 
and inflammation, more blood work, and more tests.

This is when we discovered Miss S also, in addition to mono, has the flu.
No wonder my baby girl was so, so miserable,

Saturday morning she woke up to pink eye in her right eye, and then on
Sunday morning, she had it in BOTH eyes.

We headed back to the doctor, and it turns out that the pink eye was kind
of a blessing in disguise. The doctor took one look at her and said she needed
2 more IV bags of fluids. Yesterday turned out to be another long, scary day.

This mama's stress meter has officially registered off the charts!

I had lots of fun things planned for this little blog of mine, for the beginning of
December, but of course family comes first. I will blog as I can, but it most likely 
will be sporadic for the next week or so. I am so glad we decorated for Christmas 
early, or else we would not be able to decorate this year.

Please keep my little family in your thoughts and prayers. I sure appreciate
it and all of you wonderful readers!

I am claiming the power of this verse...

I hope to see you all here again soon! Thank you for all your sweet comments
and messages.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Koffee With Kristian

Hey guys and welcome to Koffee With Kristian!

I'm going to ramble a bit about what's going on in our lives and also share some
of my random thoughts with you. 

Let's pretend we met for coffee! You would ask me how I am, and what's going on 
with me, and here are some of the things I would say...

*  My back is so stiff and I am so over it! What causes stiffness anyway? Does
that mean there is inflammation? Gosh I wish I had a doctor in the family.

*  Today will be my first day back at work since I re-hurt (is that a word?) my
back last Monday. I hope I can pretty much get in and out mostly unnoticed. Being
a personal trainer that walks like a 95 year old grandmother is probably not great
for business. (I would likely roll my eyes at some point during this statement.)

* Miss S is driving herself to the doctor this morning, in Auburn. She feels and 
sounds awful and is afraid she has the flu. I am a mess because I want to be there 
taking care of her right now. College is cruel. Why do we encourage our children 
to go? I need to be with my child so I can make sure she gets better. 

*  If you could see my house right now, you would feel sorry for me. It was so
clean and presentable just 4 days ago. I had lots of help getting it ready to host 
Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family.  Now that everyone has gone back to
their regular routine, I am left with a mess. Basically if I have used it in the past 
week it is now sitting out on a counter top. Bending hurts, so anything I might 
need to use is sitting out at waist level. Talk about clutter. Ugh, I can't even.
(again, more eye rolling)

Hubby had to buy a new heating pad for me because Roo chewed through
the electrical cord of our old one. Thankfully it was not plugged in at the time!
That story could have gone from comedy to tragedy in a hurry.

*  I don't mean to sound like I am feeling sorry for myself because I know a back
strain is a very mild inconvenience compared to what some people are 
experiencing. It just stinks because I was super excited about adding the
fitness component to the blog and to my YouTube channel, and now I find
myself sidelined. I don't want to let that idea fall by the wayside, so I plan
to film again as soon as humanly possible! Don't give up on me!

Thank you so much for having coffee with me today.  Have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Fur Babies and Football - A Weekend Recap

Hello again friends and family! According to the calendar, it is a new week,
and Thanksgiving Break has come and gone. Somehow I blinked and the
seven days that Miss S was home passed by in a flash.

With my back flare up, we weren't able to do all the things that I had planned
to do, but it was still wonderful to have Miss S home.

On Thanksgiving Day, Hubby had the idea to be silly and recreate a photo from
many Thanksgivings ago. Our girl may not be quite as easy to hold these days,
but in our hearts she will always be our little girl.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday afternoon, and time for Miss S to head back
to Auburn.

Hunter was feeling the same way Hubby and I were...

"No Sissy, don't go!"

I thought I had a better grip on this whole "letting go" thing, but as she drove away
my heart hurt just as bad as it did when we left her in Auburn on Move-In day back 
in August. 

Saturday, was a big day for Miss S. Her very first Iron Bowl game as an Auburn student.

This was her view at the game...

Here is Miss S with her sweet friend AG. Aren't they just the cutest?!

We certainly enjoyed having AG visit us during Thanksgiving Break. She is such
a sweetheart.

The game turned out great for Miss S, but it was a hard game for this Bama grad to
watch.  The furbabies will now demonstrate how I looked as I watched the game...

Hunter is demonstrating phase 1 ----  annoyance 

Roo is demonstrating phase 2 ---- bury your head because Bama looks bad

Shelley is demonstrating phase 3 ----  who cares about football anyway

But seriously,  I was really happy that Miss S's team won! What a memory for 
her and all her friends.

This was the view from Toomer's Corner of Auburn's campus on Sunday morning...

photo from James Spann's twitter

It's been a long standing tradition that Auburn fans roll the trees on Toomer's
Corner, and as you can see, they certainly did!

To read about the many fun traditions at Auburn University, you can

That was our weekend. I'm about to go do my physical therapy routine on my back. 
I spent many weeks in therapy four years ago with this same injury, so luckily 
I can recreate most of the treatment here at home. The worst part is that when 
a person has an injury, time and patience are two crucial steps to recovery.
Two things that most people (me) don't have much of!

Happy Monday everyone!

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