Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring And Birthdays!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring!

I had a productive 1st day of Spring yesterday. I took down the curtains in my bedroom
and washed them and got all the dust washed away. I also started cleaning out some
closets around here. I scheduled a donation pick up for next week, so I now have a
deadline to get everything out to be taken away from our home. 

In just six weeks, Miss S will be coming home for the summer and will be bringing
with her the entire contents of a dorm room. Yes, the dorm is teeny tiny, but that in
no way stopped our girl from having lots and lots and lots of stuff! That stuff will be
coming back to our house and will have to have a place to go. Also, since she will be
getting an apartment next year, we will be adding furniture to the mix. My house is
going to be one jumbled mess from May to August, if I am not really, really careful.
Just the thought of it makes my chest tighten! 

Let's quickly change the subject!

We had a birthday at our house yesterday...

I originally thought she turned 7 yesterday, but after looking back at old pictures on
instagram, I am very happy that she is 6 years old, not 7!

We adopted Shelley on June 1, 2012. She was 12 weeks old when we got her.

This sweet baby girl is now 6. So hard to believe we have had her for 6 years.

Such a sweet girl to put up with living in a house with two doggies.

When she came into our home, we had Rusty and Drake. She didn't mind them at all,
and could even be spotted from time to time rubbing against Drake's legs or sharing a
chair with Rusty.

Now Hunter and Roo have invaded her home and she hasn't forgiven them yet!
She tolerates both of them most of the time, but will let both of them know when
she has had enough. Clearly, she wants to be the queen of the house, and won't 
tolerate anything less, ha ha.

Miss S will be having a birthday soon too! She will be 19 on March 31st. 

I've got 10 days to make some plans, so I better get myself together!

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay warm because so far Spring has brought
with it some cooler temperatures. It's 39 degrees here right now. Brrrr!

I'll see you Friday!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Back To Reality

Well, it's back to reality for me today.

Sadly, Spring Break 2018 is now only a memory...

I miss these people and these views...

I was so happy to get home to my Hubby and fur babies Friday afternoon, 
but now that Monday is here and Miss S is back at college, I am just sad.

I miss my girl!

It doesn't help that my reality right now includes about 5 loads of laundry to
fold and hang up, floors that need vacuuming, and the threat of strong tornadoes 
and tennis ball sized hail.

Reality today, looks like this...

Spring Break, please come back!  

My plan for the day is to get to the gym and get back home asap! Once I'm home, you
will find me clearing out a spot in a closet in the basement that will house 2 adults,
and 3 fur babies. I will also be praying that the storms are non existent in Auburn
today and tonight.

Other than that, I will see you all on Wednesday!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites - Spring Break Edition!

Happy Friday!

It's that time again. Time to share my...

My favorite thing for the week was spending Spring Break in Destin, Florida with my 
girl! I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that she will be turning 19 at the end 
of this month.

I also loved spending Spring Break week with six of her sweet friends...

It's hard when your child is away at college and you don't get to know their friends, so
I loved having the opportunity to spend time with her little group.

I'm also blessed that my parents wanted to make the trip with us!

I made a video of our trip down to south...

Another favorite of the week, was finding this pillow at the Destin Home Goods...

Those of you that know me, also know the struggle is real! Our white lab sheds all over 
us on a daily basis.

Before I leave you today, let's end this post with some beautiful beach footage...

We are heading home today and I am so excited to get home to my sweet furbabies!
I have missed their sweet snuggles and kisses!

I'll see you on Monday friends!


A Kristian Lifestyle

A Kristian Lifestyle


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sunning and Shopping!

Happy Wednesday from Destin!

Yesterday was another beautiful day in Florida. The wind was much calmer during the 
morning hours so we were all able to spend some quality time on the beach.

The water was crystal clear and absolutely stunning so it wasn't long before the beaches
were super crowded.

Crowds or no crowds, the girls had a blast soaking up the sun!

The wind picked up a bit during the afternoon, so it seemed like the perfect time for 
me to head into town to do a little shopping.

My first stop was at the Harry and David store to pick up my favorite flavored coffees.

After a little shopping, my parents and I went to Bubba Gump for dinner. Their seafood 
gumbo was fantastic!

The girls picked up a quick bite from Chick-Fil-A and ended their evening in the
hot tub at the condo.

Another day in paradise is in the books!

I will see you all Friday!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Jackets and Bikinis?

Happy Monday from Destin, Florida!

Well, let's not talk about the fact that it is currently 40 degrees and W I N D Y here.
Let's talk instead about this gorgeous view.

AND the fact that I slept in until 8:30 this morning! That never happens at home.
Also, sleeping in a king sized bed is the ultimate luxury. SO MUCH room!

We arrived at our condo around 4:30 Sunday afternoon. I vlogged our trip down
along with a full condo tour and I will try to get that posted tomorrow. I am planning
 to have Day 1 and 2 in one video, and then possibly the rest of the week in a video. 
Stay tuned. I will update you as they are posted on YouTube.

Sunday night, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Back Porch.

Miss S felt like splurging on a virgin strawberry daquiri after driving us all the way to
Destin in the rain...

We are having so much fun. Miss S has 6 sweet friends with her and I love all of them.
They are all just precious!

Y'all think warm and sunny thoughts and send them our way! 

Have an awesome Monday!

I will let you know if/when the vlog goes live on YouTube tomorrow, and I
will see you back here on the blog on Wednesday.

I will also try to keep you updated over on Instagram!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Roo's Gotcha Day { 1 Year Anniversary }

 One year ago, my amazing Hubby was in Polk City, Florida to pick up our
new baby boy.

After my Rusty passed away on March 1, 2017, I decided I needed a new baby to
love. I knew I only wanted another red dachshund. No  other color or breed would
do. At this time, there were only TWO red miniature dachshunds in the southeast,
and after looking at pictures and talking to the breeders, we knew the baby in Florida
was the one for me.

When Hubby got home with my little precious man, I couldn't believe how tiny he

 He only weighed 1.9 pounds!

 The breeder had named him Rusty when he was born, but I decided to call him Roo
instead. My Rusty's full name was Rusty Roo, so I named my new little precious
Rusty Roo as well, and we call him Roo. 

How could something so teeny tiny, make my heart feel happy again?!
It was definitely love at first sight!

Today, I celebrate having Roo for 1 year!

(I celebrate, Hubby and Miss S don't see the big deal, ha ha.)

Roo's 1st Thanksgiving...

Roo's 1st Christmas...

Look at my handsome little precious...

Roo turned ONE on January 7, 2018, and now weighs 10 pounds.

He gives me unconditional love, endless amounts of kisses, and limitless  reasons
to smile each day.

Roo fills my heart with love every single day!

I'm so grateful that Hubby was willing to make that 10+ hour drive one year
ago to bring my Roo home to me!

When I talk to you on Monday, I will be in Destin, Florida for Spring Break!

(As long as the internet works well, I will continue to blog on our regular
schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You know sometimes at large 
condos when hundreds of people are trying to access the internet, the service
can be hit or miss. If you don't hear from me, you will know that is the case.
Either way I will plan to take lots of pictures and video to share as soon as

Have a fantastic weekend!

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